EnspireĀ® is known for its body cleansing wipes. When a shower is out of reach, grab our wipes to clean, cool down and refresh. Our wipes are used nationally by American Red Cross, U.S. Border Patrol, U.S. Forest Services, and fire departments throughout the U.S.

Alcohol-free | Fragrance-free

For all skin types | Made in the USA

cleaning_wipes_for_firemenCleans, cools, and refreshes. Large enough to remove dangerous contaminants from the entire body.

  • Strong and durable fabric made to withstand rough use
  • Easily wipes away contaminants that may contain carcinogens
  • Say “goodbye” to normal baby wipes! These are large enough to clean your whole body, 2′ X 4′

Enspire is a trademark of Norazza, Inc., a manufacturer of world renowned consumer brands sold through the largest mass retailers, distributors, regional retailers, and online retailers.